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Seniors Computer Group, Box 99582, San Diego, CA 92169

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Officers and Board Members:

for the year 2017

Board of DirectorsName PhoneE-mail
President Web Prescott 858-748-1967 e-mail
Vice President, Admin Wil Wakely 858-274-6043 e-mail
Vice President, Programs Web Prescott (Acting) 858-748-1967 e-mail
Vice President, Publicity Louise Gillingham 858-999-0073 e-mail
Treasurer Ray Schlador 619-444-0750 e-mail
Secretary Alice King 949-521-3492 e-mail
Past President Mel Weekley 619-262-5512 e-mail
Director at Large Mel Weekley 619-262-5512 e-mail
Director at Large Marty Kosmicki 619-583-2229 e-mail
Director at Large Hank Drayton 808-285-1730 e-mail
Director at Large Ed Van Meter 858-277-5098 e-mail
Director at Large Fred Wassermann 858-541-2054 e-mail
Drawings Tony Greco 858-581-8413 e-mail
Education Hank Drayton 808-285-1730 e-mail
Facebook Wil Wakely 858-274-6043 e-mail
Membership Wil Wakely 858-274-6043 e-mail
Newsletter Mel Weekley 619-262-5512 e-mail
Public Relations Tom Sprague
Hank Drayton
Recycling Web Prescott858-748-1967 e-mail
Webmaster Mel Weekley619-262-5512 e-mail