About Email

When you click an Email link on this page, your browser will use an HTML feature called "Mailto" which executes your designated default Email program, where you can edit the message as desired and then send it.

However, if you do NOT have a default Email program, using only Webmail through a browser, the Mailto will not work - nothing will happen.

The problem is that Mailto needs to send the email from YOUR mail address and ISP, which are on your machine and not this website. It does this by calling your default mail program, if you have one. Otherwise, it does nothing. Here's what you can do.

Download (if necessary) and run one of the following programs:
     Windows 10 Mail App
     Apple Mail (OS X)
     Outlook (Microsoft Office)
     Thunderbird (Windows, OS X, or Linux)

The program will ask for your email address and set up access automatically, designating itself as your default Email program. Mailto links on this page will now work.

(NOTE: Although you now have an Email program, you do not have to use it for routine Email - you can continue using your browser and Webmail as before if you wish. The program is required only for Mailto links on websites.)

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