We are attracting only about one-third of our members to most meetings. The survey in the link below asks three questions that should tell us why. 

When we know that, we may be able to do something about it.

Would you please fill out the survey? It will take you less than two minutes. Click this link to start: 

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News Items from our members (Replaces Bits&Bytes)

August 2019


Newsy notes from Tom Sprague --(more later)


Seniors Computer Group of San Diego has signed a working agreement with San Diego Futures Foundation. whereby each will help the other achieve their goals. SDFF will provide presentations at SCG meetings, and  SGC  will offer personnel to support the SDFF mission statement. 

The two groups  have worked together in various projects in the past with great success. 

SDFF mission is to help seniors stay abreast of activity in the digital age. See more at


When you buy at Amazon, please consider using Amazon Smile and  listing Seniors Computer Group of San Diego as your favorite charity. 

Virtually all members of SCG have benefited greatly from classes taught by Gini Pedersen since the 1980s at Community College. Now that she has opted to retire and teach no longer, we need to look for other places to learn. If you have a suggestion for a subject,  please let Hank Drayton know about it. . 


A reminder to pick up some of the printed materials available at the Welcome Desk about  our organization to hand out to prospective members. Always room for more. 



September 2019

 Need technical support for your smart phone? Ross Milloy reminds us that all you need to do is call 611 from your phone and you will be connected directly to customer support at your  phone provider. No charge, no wait, no fuss.   Need technical support for your smart phone? Ross Milloy reminds us that all you need to do is call 611 from your phone and you will be connected directly to customer support at your  phone provider. No charge, no wait, no fuss.  


October 2019


 Senior Computer Group Board of Directors 2020 Proposed Slate 

President Stan Follis 

Vice-President Adm. Wil Wakely 

Secretary Alice King 

Treasurer Ray Schlador 

VP-Programs Hank Drayton 

VP-Publicity Louise Gillingham 

5 Directors-at-Large 

Appointed by President 


November 2019

The slate of officers for 2020 that appears above in the October section was elected by acclamation at the Business Meeting 11/9/19.

Nimesh Shah, who found us through Gini Pederson's web site IteachYou, has volunteered to teach some Saturday sessions. His first presentation, entitled "Managing Files", will be on Saturday, Nov. 16. Attendees are encouraged to fill out a Presentation Evaluation form, found in the Events section of our web site.


December 2019


Tired of all those robocalls? Apparently almost everyone else is too.

You are probably getting your share of the 180 million calls each day. About half of the calls are spam, compared with 4% two years ago. 

Two inventions are behind the robocall surge. Fist is Voice Over Internet Protocol Dialing--the system used by apps like Skype. The other breakthrough is "neighborhood spoofing" which allows the caller to indicate the call came from the same area code as the recipient/s number. Ugh.

And if you respond to "push this button" if you would like to no longer get these calls, that merely tells the bad guys he has a valid number. Don't do it. 

Do some people really fall for this? Yep. 523 suckers in New York  fell for  the Social Security scam, and lost $3.8 million .A New York nurse in her 60s was terrified by the FBI scam, did as she was told and and gave up $337,105.  

Does it pay off? The FCC charged Adrian Ambrovich $120 million for making 96,768,223 robocalls over three months in  2016. He said he couldn't pay it. He lives in a large gated community in Miami with countless art treasures in his house which doubled as his office. . 

The US Senate is working to outlaw the calls.


January 2020

There is an interesting article in Ask Dave Taylor, about privacy on Facebook. Here is the link:



More from January


Social engineering refers to the tricks cybercriminals use to get victims to take some sort of action like sending money or giving up private information. Read on and learn how to spot the cons.

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March 2020

In the interest of providing our members helpful information about the CoronaVirus, here is a link to an informative article from the U.K.

Wash Your Hands


More March 2020


Hank Drayton would like to conduct an on-line session with  interested Seniors Computer Group members, as a Video Conference. He would use the program called Zoom.

If you are interested, please send Hank an email at

Please tell him if you have a camera and/or a microphone connected to your computer, or have a laptop, or if you have an iOS or Android smartphone.

Hank will take a few days to gather the responses, send out instructions, and then schedule a test.