Notes from previous SCG presentations, plus other documents you may find useful.

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AdwCleaner download

Safe download link for our recommended Adware Removal tool.
Note: This download link updated on 7/23/19


Google Search Secret Tips and Tricks (1/25/2020)

Beginner's Guide to OneDrive for Windows 2019 (12/7/2019

11 Cool Websites Everyone Should Know (11/2/2019)

Beginners Guide to Microsoft Outlook (10/19/2019)


Avast Security Seminar Follow up Instructions

Google Top 10 Innovations

DropBox Original Video

Videos that were part of Nimesh Shah's "Managing Files" presentation on Nov 16, 2019.

Hotkeys 1

Hotkeys 2

Files for 15 Amazing Shortcuts presentaion on Sept 28,2019.

Google Photos - 7 Favorite Features

A presentation by Chris and Jim Guld on Sept. 21, 2019

Midway IT - Then and Now

Power Point presentation on USS Midway computer systems by Bob Woods on Sept 7, 2019.

Cyber Security Key

Cyber Security PPT

Notes from "Cyber Security", a presentation by Dave Christopherson on Aug. 3, 2019.

Social Networks-Everything you Need to Know.pdf
Social Networks, by Mary Burns Prine, May 2018

Instructions to install Avast and more.pdf
Security Online, by Bob Gostischa, March 2018


Personal Music and iTunes, by Fred Wassermann, May 2016


Using Styles in Word, by Dan Covill, January 2015

Tips on Using Word

Tips on Using Word, by Gini Pedersen, October 2014

The Broken Boot

What to do when your PC won't start, by Fred Wasserman, September, 2014

Backup Plan

Presentation Notes from 'Recommendation on Backup', by Dan Covill, Aug 9, 2014

Todo Notes

Notes on Using 'Todo' Backup, by Dan Covill, Aug 9, 2014

Keeping Clean

Presentation Notes from "Keeping Your Computer Clean", by Fred Wassermann, updated August 9, 2014
** Contains safe links to cleanup utilities **

Clean up Browser

How to Clean Up a Hijacked Browser, by Dan Covill, July, 2014

Gostischa Notes

Presentation Notes from "So You've Got a New Computer", by Bob Gostischa, May 3, 2014.      (Lots of links!!)

Computer Glasse

Presentation Notes from "Get Yourself Some Computer Glasses", by Dan Covill, April, 2014.

Facebook Fundamentals

Presentation Notes on the SCG Facebook Page, by Wil Wakely, March, 2014.

Conduit Removal

How to get rid of the Conduit infestation. By Fred Wassermann, updated March, 2014

Windows 8 Privacy

Windows 8.1 Setup - Part 3: Closing the Curtains on Bing, by Dan Covill, February 2014.

MS Outlook

Slides from "MS Outlook - Part 2, People & Calendar", by Wil Wakely, February 2014.

Email Notes

Notes from "Which Email Service Should I Use?", by Dan Covill, January 2014.

People App

Slides from the People App presentation, by Dick Lennon, January 2014.

Quick Links

Find things faster by making links on your desktop. by Dan Covill, December 2013.

Computer Jargon

Table of terms and definitions, by Hank Drayton, November 2013.

Outlook dot com

Notes from presentation. September, 2013.

Lasr Pass

Notes from the Remembering Passwords presentation. August, 2013.

Office Alternatives

Using Open-Source office suites as a free alternative to Microsoft Office. April, 2013.


How to fix problem photographs with Picasa. February, 2013 

Email Notes