Links to many places on the Internet with useful Information

Hank's Mini-Seminars

 SCG member Hank Drayton has a library of over 100 short You-Tube videos on a wide variety of computer topics. Videos run from 1 to 45 minutes. 

 Facebook SCG 

 SCG's new Facebook page, moderated by Wil Wakely. Post questions and comments on anything related to computers or SCG.

  Guide to Windows 10  

 During the Windows 10 Preview, Paul Thurrott has written dozens of articles on installing, using and customizing it. With Windows 10 released, this is a quick summary of all of the ones still relevant, with links to the complete, original articles. An invaluable reference when upgrading to Win 10. 

 Computer Q & A, concentrating on Windows and Email. Excellent for beginners! (Newsletter available.) 

 Harder to navigate than AskLeo, but covers things like SmartPhones, Tablets, Facebook, etc. 

 Lots of info on a wide range of topics, including Apple and Linux. Lots of general advice and commentary. Good tips on free software. (Newsletter available.) 

 Heavy-duty geekiness - how to set up hardware and fix things. (Newsletter available.) 

 A long-time source of reliable Windows information. (Newsletter available.) 

 Tutorials, help, and tips for Excel users, new and old 


Under the Computer Hood Users Group, a technically oriented user group which also meets at Wesley Palms 


Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego


"Computer and Internet Dictionary" by Random House


Association of PC User Groups - Official Site